Building a Gold backed private cryptocurrency for a store POS system


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Gold is a form of asset which is relative to scarcity; it doesn’t have portability you have to have in some form like a small bar, jewellery or coin. It's one of things in which everyone wants to invest in. Cryptocurrency is one of the best examples of gold; actually it's able to get some benefits of gold by creating bitcoin. You can easily transfer & transmit gold into bitcoin with little efforts by creating distributed & decentralized blockchain. One of the main advantages of cryptocurrency is that it's fast, secure and transparent. There are few startups who succeeded integrating gold into bitcoin. Because as we said earlier that gold is one of things that doesn't come with mobility you have carried it in some form and placed it in a locker. This process is very slow, expensive & laborious but with blockchain it became very easy, quicker and you can easily move it across the geographical borders. All this thing can happen with POC - A little concept that proves all the above things. For More Information: Address: Kiltown, Castlecomer, County Kilkenny | Phone: (01) 908 1182 | Mail ID:

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