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0-3 Months
African grey parrots

Parrot Eggs – FERTILE PARROT EGG PRICES The eggs will take between 2.5 and 4 weeks to hatch, depending on the species. The larger the bird, the longer the incubation, generally speaking. Clutches vary in size from two to six, and the female lays one a day. Incubators for egg-hatching are not an essential kit for a breeder, but many do use them. The eggs of all parrots require a temperature of 37C or just below. Getting this right is essential for successful hatching. Eggs sometimes fail to hatch. There are various reasons why this might have happened: Females sometimes lay eggs when there are no males to fertilize them A female may lay unfertilized eggs if the male has failed to achieve a successful coupling Single eggs may fail to hatch, due to a chick failing to develop properly inside, or because the egg itself somehow managed to avoid being fertilized The hen may neglect her eggs due to inexperience or stress – this is quite common in first-time layers If the nestbox isn’t a suitable size and shapes the egg may have fallen to the floor and killed the embryo inside The male bird could be infertile The proximity of other birds or external distractions may be the issue – the female may be too stressed to sit on her eggs Nutrition is important – if eggs fail to hatch due to softshells, it’s a sign that the hen didn’t get enough calcium (from cuttlefish bone or a mineral block, for example) when she was producing the eggs.

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