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Privacy statement respect and protect the privacy of the individuals who access this website and use it’s facilities and/or services. Statements below explains the manner in which uses the type of information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we disclose information.Users are requested to  read the Privacy Statement which is  included into and forms part of these Terms of Use policy.

Your right to privacy is always respected at WinDeal and ensures to follow with our obligations under the data protection legislation of Ireland currently available. Privacy policy of the website is intended to clear state that the personal data that you provide while using theWinDeal website as explained below. By using WinDeal website you accept the privacy policy statement. If you do not agree to the set privacy policy, you are requested not to use the website.

When you use the website, you confirm to accept and follow the terms unconditionally and allows to collect and use the data as outlined below.

  • To execute our commitments based on the contract between WinDeal and you.
  • To Provide services that meets quality through research and practises.
  • To identify and provide you access to WinDeal website services and information
  • To receive WinDeal newsletter.
  • To comminicate with you when you place an order , reply to your concerns, alert on new listings, reminders on your ads or offers.
  • To keep you informed on the changes of the website services or policies from time to time.
  • To take your feedback on WinDeal services and facilities.
  • To warn you if we find misuse or inappropriate postings that is against any of the WinDeal policies or terms and conditions.
  • Limit access to you and not to someone who pretends to be you.
  • Payment processing
  • To provide timely suctomer support in terms of sales or technical or non technical  issues you may face
  • To verify that you comply by the terms and conditions as well as with all the policies of the WinDeal website from time to time..



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