Win Deal empasises online safety message to counter against fraudsters

While the vast majority of buyers and sellers are honest, there is always a slight risk of a deal going bad. Take note of Win Deal’s simple safety advice and make sure your experience is a positive one. For centuries people have been buying goods from and selling goods to absolute strangers, but the advance of the internet means that people no longer need a physical shop or market to exchange cash for goods.

The way Win Deal works is that users browse for goods and then contact the seller to arrange a time and place to view or buy the item for sale.

WinDeal is Ireland’s most popular online classified advertisement website and leaping ahead of other website to be the market leaders in no time. The company always aims to provide an easy, safe marketplace for people to buy or sell all sorts of things. Features include photos with all ads, low cost advertising with hassle free payment by phone.

WinDeal takes fraud management very seriously and has a fine tuned process, curb potential crime via ads on WinDeal. The company works very closely with An Garda Siochána and takes all instances of potential fraud very seriously.

If you feel at any time that you have been defrauded by a seller on WinDeal or has a reason to believe you have come across a Ad that looks to be stolen goods or believe that someone who is advertising something that may have legal implications, we would strongly encourage you to contact your local Gardai to report the incident or the advertiser.

We strongly advice all our users to take necessary precaution while you engage in selling or buying a product with unkown people. Necessary saftey practises is recommended when you sell or buy a product with strangers. Always keep a proof of purchase, select a place and time which ensures your saftey while meeting the seller or buyer, and protect yourself against counterfeit notes or bouncing cheques.

Whether you’re a buyer or seller there are ways to ensure you’re not taken advantage of by an unscrupulous minority.

None of the Banking Institutions send text messages to your mobile about account security updates.And if at all you receive of this kind of messages DO NOT click on any links you see in the message.
WinDeal does NOT store ANY bank account details on our site for your added security.

We protect our registered users from receiving scam emails in their email inbox. All enquiries are directed only to your Inbox provided in your WinDeal dashboard. This way we protect your privacy.
WinDeal recommend you to maintain communication with potential buyers or sellers provided in My WinDeal dashboard.


Your credit card details are asked on WinDeal only at the time you place an ad

By policy, we donot refund any part of the payment under any circumstances.

Normally people contact a advertiser by email, but if you as an advertiser at the time of posting the Ad marks the tick box “No email responses for this ad”, people when they reply to your ad, you will receive the response in the inbox provided in your MyWinDeal dashboard .Such a mail system has been designed for the saftey of our advertisers. 

1) When placing an ad you have the choice to tick: No email responses for this ad. Leave this blank. You will receive messages into your email inbox and when you reply the emails go back and forth between you and people enquiring by email.

2) Don’t give out your email address via text message, phone or from within the WinDeal mail system

WinDeal follows the latest technology available to provide our users' privacy and safety.Despite these efforts, if you sense anything suspicious happening with your WinDeal account, you should immediately inform the same to WinDeal Support team.

Details of your Bank account and credit card
WinDeal never will ask for your Bank account or Credit card details over phone, text message, email, newsletter email or promotional emails.

When you place an ad and want people to contact you by email, you leave the tick box beside “No email responses for this ad” blank. This means anybody who contacts you through the WinDeal website and any replies you send are within our mail system which has been designed to keep WinDealer users safe.

We advise that you do not give out your email address at any stage e.g. via text message, phone or from within the WinDeal mail system.However the choice is always yours.
Educating WinDealers
our help section is regularly updated to keep our users safe from Phishing based on new techniques hackers attach users. Remember to inform our support team if at all you come across any suspicious communication. Let’s play safe.

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