WinDeal offers a lucrative opportunity to show case your business on our website at a resonable price.
You can go to Shops & Dealers to list your business now.


If you have an account with Windeal.ie, you can post as many Ads as you wish provided they comply by our terms and conditions.

There are two ways to find out how often your ad has been viewed on WinDeal.

1. Log in at “My WinDeal” and click on “Placed Ads”. You will find an overview of all  your ads here. The number of views are shown on the right side. 
2. Number of views are displayed under your Ad thumb nail as well.

Adding images to your ad:

  • Log into your account at “My WinDeal”.
  • Click “Placed Ads”
  • Click the Edit button of the ad.
  • You are now on the interface to edit your ad
  • To delete the image,move the mouse over the image thumb nail and click on the trash icon to delete the image.
  • To add images click on the “Browse” button and choose your image
  • Click “Next” to Preview your ad 
  • To finalize your changes, click on “next” to update the changes


 No, it is our policy not to modify any Ad content on behalf of our Users.  This is to maintain Users' accountability for Ad content.

As long as your Ad is still running, it will continue to attract replies. If you do not wish to receive any more replies, please Withdraw your Ad.

You may delete your WinDeal acount by visiting your profile area. We would love to hear from you .

Why you would like to delete your account before you finally do it. We would love to have you  with us.


Your ad should be online as soon as you finish detailing all the pages of  “Post Ads” 

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